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    This listserve is intended to facilitate a national exchange among judges, administrative law judges, and hearing officers handling commercial driver license and commercial vehicle cases and issues. It is operated as a free service by The National Judicial College and sponsored by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

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    When a CDL/CMV question arises or issues surface, judges need a forum for getting their questions answered confidentially and accurately. Communication and knowledge is the key to the successful enforcement of the law. The listserve offers judges a way to get CDL questions answered, views shared, and opinions aired.

    Among the purposes of this listserve are:

    1. Creation of a community of judges who handle CDL/CMV cases
    2. Dissemination of information directly relevant to CDL/CMV adjudication
    3. Exchange of information, including questions, cases, success stories, etc. to assist the listserve subscribers

    Being a judge can be an isolating profession with restricted opportunities for judicial interaction with peers handling similar cases. Because judges handle relatively few cases involving commercial drivers and commercial motor vehicles, a judge’s familiarity with the CDL regulations and his or her exposure to new CDL information is often limited. This causes many judges to not recognize the importance of distinguishing CDL holders from other traffic defendants. The FMCSA and NJC hope that opening this forum to all judges dealing with these difficult cases will ease the burden, decrease the uncertainty, and improve public safety through their educated and effective adjudication.

    If you have any questions or comments, please contact the NJC CDL Listserve moderator, Bryan Walker, at bryanwalker@judges.org or (775) 327-8274.