2017/18 State-Specific Webcasts

Ethically Adjudicating CDL/CMV Cases for Traffic Judges

Various Dates | 12:oo p.m. participant local time | Tuition Free

If 8 fully loaded jumbo jets crashed every year, something would be done about it. In 2015, large trucks and buses were involved in fatal crashes on our nation’s highways, resulting in 4,337 fatalities, enough to total 8 fully loaded jumbo jets. Additionally, there were an estimated 472,000 nonfatal crashes which involved one large truck or bus. Traffic judges have to adhere to their own commercial driver’s licensing laws and commercial motor vehicle regulations based on federal regulations. Federal highway funds for your state are tied to the adherence of these laws; however, most traffic judges are unaware of all the nuances regarding CDL/CMV laws.

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FMCSA National Webcast Series

It seems that almost daily our courts are updated with new laws, procedures and rules. Issues regarding the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and the Commercial Drivers License holder are no exception. This series of webcasts will bring judges up-to-date with new information affecting approximately six million CMV drivers in the United States. It is imperative for traffic adjudicators to be vigilant of these changes as they develop while retaining what we have learned thus far.

At no cost, the NJC will produce a series of live, interactive webcasts on various CDL-related topics of interest to judges. The webcast series provides judges, administrative law judges (ALJs), and other court staff members with concise, information-packed content delivered directly to their computers. Each national webcast provides pre-course and post-course information, and a certificate of attendance suitable for submitting to the judge’s state licensing agency for continuing legal education credit.

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